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1. Payment
Is a fixed fee (covering all costs). Payment is due when the document is signed.

2. The Interview
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3. We will get in touch
Once you have completed the interview our legal team will contact you to review the document. You should expect to hear from us within 24 hours of submitting it.


JMJ LawyersOnline Will

$250 - Your will is one of the most important legal documents you can prepare. By making a Will, your parting gift is the assurance your loved ones will be cared for according to your wishes.


Enduring Power of Attorney (Property)

$350 - Use the EPA to appoint an attorney (or more than one attorney) to act on your behalf in relation to your property affairs. The EPA can take effect from the day it is fully signed, or it can come into effect only if you become mentally incapable of managing your own affairs.


Enduring Power of Attorney (Personal Care and Welfare)

$350 - Use this EPA in relation to your Personal Care and Welfare to appoint an attorney to make decisions on your behalf if you become mentally incapable.

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